Saint's Run


Can you count suckas?

This time as you start to come around you desperately try to stay unconscious, whatever horrible reality lay in front of you, you’d much rather be in the ignorant bliss of sleep. That doesn’t last for very long but you when finally awake you are pleasantly surprised to find a steaming cup of hot cocoa in front of you with a big marshmallow and whipped cream no less. You look around. You and your fellow inmates are still in your orange jumpsuits, your silver neckbands gleaming maliciously. You are in a room guilded with purple and gold trappings – Fleurs de Lis adorn the walls. In the center of the room you see this figure:

Once he sees that everyone is awake he begins to speak "Let me start with greetings and apologies my friends. I am Rufus, leader of the Saints, but you can call me as my friends do – “Spooky.” You can imagine the kind of situation the Saints are in if we’re cutting deals with Lonestar pigs, but that doesn’t begin to excuse what has been done to you – Rims, Raven, Odessa, Cheetah I’m especially sorry since you’re members of my own crew, but Lonestar said they had a crate of dirt against you and this was the only way to clear it."

“Anyhow,” he continues, “we are where we are now and there’s no changing that. I’d like to brief you on our current situation as soon as possible, but fuck, I know this would be too much to take in all at once, so I whipped up some of my special hot choco for my groggy sistas and brothas. Let me also introduce you to my man Fu – he’s going to show you the ropes around here. In fact, why don’t we do a quick roll call to get everyone familiar with each other?”



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