Saint's Run

BETA Day 1

By the twin moons!

This time as you start to come around you desperately try to stay unconscious, whatever horrible reality lay in front of you, you’d much rather be in the ignorant bliss of sleep. That doesn’t last for very long but you when finally awake you are greeted with this:

You look around. You and your fellow inmates are still in your orange jumpsuits, your silver neckbands gleaming maliciously. You’re in a wooden barn, that is clearly showing its age.

Your host begins to purr softly as he sees you rouse. He waits patiently for everyone to come to before speaking: “Hello brothers, my name is Mittens, second-in-command of the Saints. I wish fate could have brought us here under different circumstances. As a Saint, my honor is soiled by this dealing with the Lonestars, but our backs are up against the wall, as they say. I know some of you were Saints initiates, please believe me this was the only condition under which Lonestar would let you back into our custody. I know your minds must be brimming with questions, please let me have it – I am not a coward like that Lonestar pig, I am here before you in the flesh, I will address you directly – perhaps this is a good time for everyone to say a little about themselves too?”



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