Odessa "The Actress" Aziz

Face-Mage who is probably going to get tracked down.


== Info ==
Street Name: The Actress
Name: Odessa Aziz
Movement: 10/25, Swim: 6
Nuyen: 2600
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 3
Public Awareness: 1
Elf (Dryad) F Age 26
Height 3’4 Weight 120
Composure: 12
Judge Intentions: 12
Lift/Carry: 4 (15 kg/10 kg)
Memory: 8
Nuyen: 0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 3
AGI: 3 (5)
REA: 3
STR: 2
CHA: 7
INT: 4
LOG: 3
WIL: 5
EDG: 3
MAG: 5

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 5.0
Initiative: 8
IP: 1
Astral Initiative: 10
Astral IP: 3
Matrix Initiative: 9
Matrix IP: 1
Physical Damage Track: 10
Stun Damage Track: 11

== Active Skills == *From Influence Skillgroup 4/4, ^ From Athletics Skillgroup 3/4
Animal Handling : 0 Pool: 4
Animal Training : 0 Pool: 4
Archery : 0 Pool: 4
Armorer : 0 Pool: 2
Artisan : 0 Pool: 4
Automatics : 0 Pool: 4
Banishing : 1 Pool: 6
Blades : 0 Pool: 4
Clubs : 0 Pool: 4
^Climbing : 3 Pool: 5
Computer : 0 Pool: 2
*Con : 4 Pool: 20
Counterspelling : 4 Pool: 9
Cybercombat : 0 Pool: 2
Data Search : 0 Pool: 2
Demolitions : 0 Pool: 2
Disguise : 0 Pool: 4
Diving : 0 Pool: 2
Dodge : 0 Pool: 2
Escape Artist : 0 Pool: 4
*Etiquette : 4 Pool: 20
^Flight : 3 Pool: 5
First Aid : 0 Pool: 2
Forgery : 0 Pool: 4
Gunnery : 0 Pool: 4
^Gymnastics : 3 Pool: 8
Hacking : 0 Pool: 2
Heavy Weapons : 0 Pool: 4
Infiltration : 1 Pool: 6
Instruction : 0 Pool: 6
Intimidation : 0 Pool: 6
*Leadership : 4 Pool: 20
Locksmith : 0 Pool: 4
Longarms : 0 Pool: 4
Navigation : 0 Pool: 4
*Negotiation : 4 Pool: 20
Palming : 0 Pool: 4
Parachuting : 0 Pool: 2
Perception : 4 [Visual] Pool: 9
Pilot Ground Craft : 0 Pool: 2
Pilot Watercraft : 0 Pool: 2
Pistols : 0 Pool: 4
Riding : 0 Pool: 2
^Running : 3 Pool: 5
Shadowing : 0 Pool: 4
Spellcasting : 5 [Manipulation] Pool: 10 (12)
Survival : 0 Pool: 4
^Swimming : 0 Pool: 5
Throwing Weapons : 0 Pool: 4
Tracking : 0 Pool: 4
Unarmed Combat : 0 Pool: 4

== Knowledge Skills ==
Acting : 1 Pool: 4
Famous Film : 1 Pool: 4
Stage Direction : 1 Pool: 4

== Contacts ==
Roger Bluth (5 (5), 4)(Her oldest friend from her childhood, and probably the only one still speaking to her. Member of the local branch of the Arcane Stagehands Union, membership 1, magical resources 4. In actuality this is the day job for a cabal of Black Magicians. This is the group she learned her spells from and initiated with, though union rules prevented her from technically joining the group.)

== Qualities == *from Dryad
Fame (Local)
First Impression
*Low-Light Vision

Bad Rep
*Distinctive Style
SINner (Criminal) (2)

== Spells ==
(Tradition: Black Magic, Resist Drain with WIL + CHA (12))
Control Thoughts DV: (F÷2)2
Fashion DV: (F÷2)
Heal DV: (Damage Value)-2
Increase Reflexes DV: (F÷2)
Influence DV: (F÷2)1
Mind Probe DV: (F÷2)
Mob Mind DV: (F÷2)4
Physical Mask DV: (F÷2)
Stunbolt DV: (F÷2)-1
Trid Entertainment DV: (F÷2)+2

== Lifestyles ==
Middle 1 months

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Cybereyes Basic System Rating 1
+Eye Recording Unit
+Image Link
+Vision Enhancement Rating 3
+Vision Magnification
+Flare Compensation
Muscle Toner Rating 2
Tailored Pheromones Rating 2
Vocal Range Enhancer

== Armor ==
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit 6/6

== Weapons ==
Unarmed Attack
Pool: 4 DV: 1S AP: – RC: 0

== Commlink ==
Hermes Ikon (4, 0, 0, 3)
Novatech Navi
Suite: Basic User
+Analyze Rating 2 [Copy Protection 2; Registration]
+Browse Rating 2 [Copy Protection 2; Registration]
+Command Rating 1 [Copy Protection 1; Registration]
+Edit Rating 2 [Copy Protection 2; Registration]
Empathy Software Rating 4
Lie Detection Software Rating 4

== Gear ==
AR Gloves
Certified Credstick, Silver
Earbuds Rating 1
+Audio Enhancement Rating 1
Mage Sight Goggles
Subvocal Microphone
Sustaining Focus (Health) (Bonded Foci) Rating 3
Voice Mask

== Vehicles ==
Dodge Scoot (Scooter)
+Improved Economy
+Vehicle Sensor


Odessa likes to tell people that acting is in her blood. This is true enough; she is the daughter of a distinguished, but long retired actor and a modestly talented playwright. Both had grown tired of the manic schedules, the endless pursuit of fame, and high stress that came with performing on and off Broadway, and shortly before Odessa was born they decided to move to the then-quiet, unremarkable town of Stillwater so that they could focus on raising their daughter.

As Odessa got older and less dependent, they began to get involved in Stillwater’s modest community theater scene. Tellingly, a local paper once quoted Odessa’s father as saying “We still want nothing to do with Broadway, but that doesn’t mean we ever stopped loving the theater.” Odessa came to spend much of her childhood backstage or in the theater seats.

Despite what Odessa likes to tell people, her passion for acting has a more complex and, some would say, darker cause. Odessa is a Dryad, born and raised in an urban and suburban setting. Most Dryads, due to their connections with nature and the life around them, lead solitary lives in the wilderness. Once her ‘condition’ became known Odessa’s parents were often advised that the best thing for her would be to prepare to let her go. However, her parents(being artists)were hopelessly romantic optimists. They reasoned that living in the suburbs was close enough to living in the wild, and that with their savings they thought they could keep the worst ‘symptoms’ of her ‘condition’ at bay. They even attempted to hide the fact that she was anything but an ordinary elf, reasoning that this would help her fit in. Odessa would not discover her ‘true nature’ until well after she had become accustomed to town life.

While they were successful at raising a physically healthy child, this upbringing left Odessa a bit unhinged mentally. Alienated from her peers and her environment in ways she did not know how to express, she dove headlong into acting and performing both out of genuine interest and as a way to cope. Predictably, she was very good at it; her (super)natural gifts ensured she had a striking stage presence, she received a lifetime of acting training from talented parents all too happy to share their artistic passions with her, and she had that special sort of dedication to the perfection of her chosen craft that comes from a deep-seated unhappiness. Her upbringing certainly didn’t do anything good for her ego either; her innate glamour lead to her being constantly praised and doted on. Over the years she became quite accustomed to getting her way, through sheer charm or convincing lies. She was by far the biggest fish in the small pond of Stillwater’s limited artistic social circle.

Things only got worse when she learned she was Awakened. At first she devoted most of her attention learning illusions and other magical stage tricks from the theater’s backstage crew. However, she eventually became frustrated when she could not charm her way into literally everything she wanted, which was to flee Stillwater for Broadway. Her parents, worried about their daughter entering the very atmosphere they fled from, refused to put her in contact with their old friends in showbiz. Odessa never learned to deal with denail well. She soon began trying to find ways to circumvent her parent’s wishes through magical means. It started subtly enough; she practiced by using her talents to win small script changes and settle artistic differences on stage in the way she wanted. However, as time went on she become more and more willing to impose her “artistic vision” and perfectionism on those around her.

This trend eventually culminated in the incident that got her arrested and convicted. Odessa infamously seized control of most her fellow cast members’ thoughts and actions after one flubbed a major line onstage. While most of the audience and cast just laughed it off, Odessa was mortified. She had finally coerced her parents into inviting one of their old friends, now a major producer,to one of her shows. She feared this clumsy amateur was going to ruin everything. During the intermission she began casting terribly invasive, painfully unsubtle spells on other cast members so that she could personally ensure they got their lines right. After the curtain fell and the victims had called the police, Odessa was arrested and charged with mental assault and battery, and metaphysical kidnapping. Local tv cameras captured her arrest outside the theater. A front page story quoted her defense in court at length, especially the part where she argued that “I was only making sure that those hacks didn’t ruin everything! You should be arresting them for crimes against art! You should be thanking me!” Her parents, after much heartache, disowned the monster they had created when they were unable to convince her to cooperate with the prison psychiatrists.

Fresh off serving her sentence (which the parole judge inexplicably shortened to 6 years), she finds that hardly anyone from her old life willing to speak to her, and that she is prohibited by court-order from ever performing on stage again. The city she knew has practically vanished as Stillwater was transformed by time and commerce. Cut off from the lifelong financial support of her parents, and blacklisted from the only craft she ever mastered, Odessa cannot legally afford to maintain her previous middle class lifestyle. This is critical for her; she is unwilling to retreat from society into the wilderness as most Dryads do, and falling from the calm parks and lawns of the suburbs into the polluted slums of the inner city could be literally dangerous to her physical health.

Fortunately for her, the talents of a well trained, supernaturally empowered liar are talents that pay well in the now bustling underworld of the new Stillwater. Falling in with the Saints, she soon found that the roles she played while conning local dignitaries and dangerous criminals out of their hard earned cash were both more demanding and more tangibly rewarding then the ones she played to impress the busybodies who wrote the theater newsletter. Life on the wrong side of the law offered just as much drama as life on the stage. Best of all, in this world all of her talents were valued, even (especially) the ones that scared people or were supposedly “morally reprehensible.”

Odessa "The Actress" Aziz

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