== Info ==
Street Name: Redeye
Name: Andrew Inoue
Movement: 10/25, Swim: 6
Karma: 0
Street Cred: 0
Notoriety: 1
Public Awareness: 0
Elf Male Age 29
Composure: 7
Judge Intentions: 9
Lift/Carry: 7 (45 kg/30 kg)
Memory: 7
Nuyen: 0

== Attributes ==
BOD: 4
AGI: 6 (8)
REA: 5 (8)
STR: 3
CHA: 4
INT: 5
LOG: 4
WIL: 3
EDG: 3

== Derived Attributes ==
Essence: 2.2
Initiative: 10 (13)
IP: 1 (2)
Matrix Initiative: 9
Matrix IP: 3
Physical Damage Track: 11
Stun Damage Track: 10

== Active Skills ==

Automatics : 3 Pool: 11
Automotive Mechanic : 2 Pool: 6
Computer : 1 Pool: 5
Data Search : 2 Pool: 6
Dodge : 1 Pool: 9
Electronic Warfare : 1 Pool: 5
First Aid : 2 Pool: 6
Gunnery : 2 Pool: 10
Infiltration : 3 Pool: 11
Nautical Mechanic : 1 Pool: 5
Navigation : 3 Pool: 8
Perception : 4 Pool: 9
Pilot Aircraft : 1 Pool: 9
Pilot Ground Craft : 5 Pool: 13
Pilot Watercraft : 2 Pool: 10
Pistols : 5 [Semi-Automatics] Pool: 13 (15)
Unarmed Combat : 3 Pool: 11

== Skill Groups ==
Climbing : 2 Pool: 5
Gymnastics : 2 Pool: 10
Running : 2 Pool: 5
Swimming : 2 Pool: 5

Con : 3 Pool: 8
Etiquette : 3 Pool: 7
Leadership : 3 Pool: 7
Negotiation : 3 Pool: 7

== Knowledge Skills ==
Area Knowledge: Seattle : 3 Pool: 8
Area Knowledge: Stillwater : 1 Pool: 6
Area Knowledge: Tokyo : 1 Pool: 6
English : 4 Pool: 9
Japanese : N Pool: 0
Sioux : 2 Pool: 7
Smuggler Hideouts : 2 Pool: 7

== Contacts ==
Saul (3, 2) Fixer – Saul runs Sauls Delicatessen. Most
people think it just serves food, but downstairs, Saul’s
real business is being a fixer. He knows what is going
on and can put his hands on whatever you need.

Doctor Huw (2, 1) Street Doc – He’ll patch you up,
providing you have cash, goods or used cyberware to pay.

== Qualities ==
Low-Light Vision
SINner (Criminal) (1)
Tough as Nails (Rating 1)
Trustworthy (1 Skill) (Con)

== Lifestyles ==
Low 2 months

== Cyberware/Bioware ==
Control Rig
Cybereyes Basic System Rating 3
+Eye Recording Unit
+Image Link
+Flare Compensation
+Low-Light Vision
+Vision Magnification
+Vision Enhancement Rating 3
Muscle Toner Rating 2
Reaction Enhancers Rating 2
Wired Reflexes Rating 1

== Armor ==
Actioneer Business Clothes5/3
Armor Jacket 8/6
SecureTech Forearm Guards 0/1
SecureTech Shin Guards 0/1

== Weapons ==
Ares Predator IV
+Concealable Holster
+Spare Clips
+Spare Clips
+Flashlight, Low-Light
+Personalized Grip
+Smartgun System
DV: 5P AP: -1 RC: 1
HK 227-X
+Spare Clips
+Spare Clips
+Personalized Grip
+Smartgun System
+Sound Suppressor
DV: 5P AP: – RC: 3
Unarmed Attack
DV: 2S AP: – RC: 0

== Commlink ==
Novatech Airware (3, 3, 3, 3)
+Iris Orb
+Sim Module (Hot)
+Subvocal Microphone
+Mapsoft (Seattle) Rating 6
+Mapsoft (Stillwater) Rating 6
+Suite: Pro User [Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4]
+Encrypt Rating 4 [Copy Protection 4, Registration]

== Gear ==
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Heavy Pistols) x100
Ammo: Regular Ammo (Submachine Guns) x200
Ammo: Stick-n-Shock (Heavy Pistols) x50
Earbuds Rating 2
+Audio Enhancement Rating 3
+Spatial Recognizer
Medkit Rating 6
Stimulant Patch Rating 5 x2
Tool Kit (Automotive)

== Vehicles ==
Thundercloud Contrail (Racing Bike)
+Smuggling Compartment, Normal
+Vehicle Sensor


Smuggling is never like the trids. There’s no hot chick needing their grandparents transported out of a tropical dictatorship, no revolutionaries needing guns smuggled in for their noble revolution. Very few high speed chases. If you end up being chased, you lose almost every time. The trick is not to be caught in the first place.

Seattle was a bust. It had been a good five year run, but just like Tokyo, good things always come to an end. After all the guns, people, boxes of unknown goods he had moved through the border crossings in Seattle, it ended up being slabs of beef that ended Redeye’s run. It was even legal beef, but the government always wants it’s cut and $30k worth of prime organic Salish beef was enough to send him to prison. Everything would have been fine, but the wrong guards were at the crossing. Redeye had checked every day for two weeks, even crossed the border a few times to test things out but these other guys were thorough with their search. One year for smuggling beef. At least it wasn’t guns, that would have been an easy five to ten, if not more.

Riding the bus away from prison and towards his fixer, Redeye starts going over his options. The T-Bird routes were out, he was a city boy and hated the two months he had spent at tiny smuggler bases and blazing across the desert 50 feet off the ground. Going back to Japan was also out, it had only been five years since he had to dump a load of cutting edge tech into Tokyo bay, someone would surely remember if he went back so soon. Maybe Xavier would have some options for him.

Walking into the noodle house, he heads straight for the kitchen and down the stairs to his fixer’s office.

Frowning, Xavier points to a chair, “Sit. I don’t know how they caught you, but they did. I know what you’re here for, one of those things I can do, it’s your property after all, the other I can’t. Word on the street is that your picture is still up at the border crossings and I went by your apartment, it’s not yours anymore and they sold everything. You could sit around washing dishes for another 6 months, or I have a friend somewhere else looking for skilled people.”

Writing out a name and number on a piece of paper, “Here’s his info. Head to Stillwater and give him a call.” Oh yeah, and here’s your key and something extra to hold you over." Fishing in a drawer, Xavier removes a single brass key with a tag saying 27 and five well worn 20 nuyen notes. “It’s all I can do for you right now.”

Leaving the noodle house, Redeye catches a cab to a storage facility in a middle class neighborhood. Hopefully the feds didn’t find this one. They shouldn’t have, it’s clean as can be. Paid for with a fresh ID in advance for 7 years. He had not even been here since he filled it four years ago. Unlocking the door and rolling it up, everything was as he left it. There was not much, but it would do. In one corner sat a backpack, opening it the money, pistol and two clean IDs were still inside. A jacket hung on a peg, and under the big tarp, filling most of the room was a shiny motorcycle.

With nothing left in Seattle there was no reason to stay. Typical of border crossings, the UCAS agents didn’t even look at him as he drove through. The Salish were more thorough but his picture was not pasted in their office and they seemed to care little more than to scan his ID.

Spending the next two weeks traversing Indian country, in the process burning out his last two IDs, Redeye finally arrives in Stillwater. Dialing the number and asking for Saul, he introduces himself vaguely. The reply was much less vague, “Where ya been chummer? Decide to spend some more time in the lockup on the way here? Anyways, get down here and lets get you sorted.” After a couple hours of info dump about Stillwater and about his skills, Saul sends him on his way with a promise of a job real soon.


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